Raccoon capers, Wet Felting and Little Bundles

Happy Monday.

I had a run in with a raccoon, while taking organics out to our green cart this weekend.  I noticed the lid was open and thought nothing of it because  the little critters have recently decided to visit nightly.  I just assumed they had visited the night before and left the lid open, so I carried on.  Much to my surprise, there was a raccoon inside.

You can guess where the organics ended up!

Big D, discovered that the raccoon couldn’t get out from the night before so it went to sleep there.  Eew.  It has now been released.


Raccoon Hotel aka Green cart

I tried my hand at wet felting this weekend.  It is very therapeutic,  especially laying out the fibres.  Great fun was had by all! I am happy with the finished product but will need to do some touch ups.

Work in progress

Work in progress

It was time to take Baby pictures, so here are my favs.

Little ladybug

Little ladybug

Happy little ladybug

Happy little ladybug

Evil dragon ladybug

Evil dragon ladybug


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