My Vintage WearEver Strainer/Food Mill

I finally received my Vintage WearEver strainer/food mill! I first discovered this handy kitchen tool a few years ago when our neighbour made us fresh apple sauce from an apple tree on our street. Delish. I was instantly hooked. I had to get my hands on one to make the job of making apple sauce easier. My search began locally. But I had no luck. The closest I came to finding the tool, was finding part of one at Value Village. And the price totally discouraged me from buying it.

After a year past  by, I decided to check Ebay. I discovered there were many for sale. I decided to bid and was highest bidder on an auction! A week later, I have my very own strainer/food mill. Just last night, we made apple sauce  and it is sooo goood!!!

Making apple sauce is easy. All you need to do is cook unpeeled apples in a pot and place them in the food mill/strainer and rotate the pestle. The rest is delish-tory!

There’s even some apple sauce for you!


The Three Ladybugs


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