Birdhouse Gourds!

Quite a few years ago, we grew Birdhouse Gourds in our garden. Well actually, my husband did.

They have been stored away in our basement for so long that I actually forgot they were there until about a year ago. I was digging out baby things and there they were hanging from the ceiling looking so very cool. I knew that I would have to make bird houses with them.

I have an inspiring book called Glorious Gourd Decorating by Mickey Baskett, which describes the process of cleaning the dried gourds, cutting them, and decorating them. I’m pretty excited about the project, but haven’t thought about how I will decorate them. Right now my biggest challenge is getting some time to actually clean one of them. The book advises to do so outdoors, as it is a messy process. I’ll also need a metal scrubby and possibly a metal scrub brush which may prove challenging to find without a trip to Walmart. Regardless of the challenges, it will be very satisfying to use these neglected birdhouse gourds.

Here are some pictures of completed birdhouse gourds I found.

Simple Birdhouse Gourds from

I love the simplicity of these birdhouses. I know I could do these. However, the following gourds are stunning!

These are beautifully decorated Gourds from

I’m crushing on the dark gourd with the yellow butterflies. I also really like the sea bird. Very unique. Not sure if birds would like it though. I guess it would be more a decoration.

A Puzzle Gourd from

This looks interesting and very artistic. I’m pretty sure I’m not going this route for my gourds.

I’ll make sure to post pictures of mine once completed!

Have a Great Day,

The Three Ladybugs


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