Dolce Vita Ornament Swap and its Friday!

I’m pleased to be participating in the Dolce Vita Ornament Swap again this year. I have my swap partner the lovely, Carrie Marie from the blog. Now I just need to find an ornament she will like. Its tough enough when you know someone and a little bit harder to find something for someone you haven’t actually met. But I am determined. I will get it right. Wish me luck.

Image from Dolce Vita

I finally took fall pictures of the two little ladybugs. I have a nice little place in the yard where the maple tree speaks to me. Well not really speaks but it inspires me to take lovely pictures. So Now to get them off my phone.

Have a great Friday,

Love the Three Ladybugs!


2 thoughts on “Dolce Vita Ornament Swap and its Friday!

  1. Aww, thank you! You know I’ll love anything you pick out! I’m having so much fun reading your blog & have already been out looking for the perfect (or at least close to perfect!) ornament. : ) Excited!

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