Fall Pictures Finally!

Lovely Leaves 2010

Well after being sick off and on for about a month, I have finally been able to get pictures of the two little ladybugs at our picture tree. I was beginning to think that all of the leaves would be gone before I had the chance. Yesterday was the day. It was a perfect east coast fall day. We had the warmest weather in all of Canada yesterday. Can’t beat that.

I’m still wishing for summer again, but I have to accept that being a Canadian means having some sort of winter weather. I guess I’ll have to make the best of it and play outdoors with the little ladybugs when the time comes.

Cross country skiing is one of my winter favs. Snowman building comes in second place.

Constructing a giant snowman, what a workout! I’m out of breath already and I haven’t even started. Well I still have some time before snow happens, but for now, i’ll have to preserve fall in any method I can.

So here are a few pictures we took yesterday:

Ladybugs under the maple tree

Snuggle up


This boy loves to work the land!

Here’s what I have discovered, it is very difficult to get perfect pictures.

Sometimes I get impatient when I’m trying to take their pictures and almost give up because they won’t look at me or sit still. Then I realized that I have to make the best of what they give me because really I’m taking these pictures to capture what they are like at 5 and 1 year of age. So it is best to remember how they played and acted at this age – because they are real people. Right!

Have a great day and hope you enjoy fall like we do,

Love the Three ladybugs ūüôā


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