New and Old Glass Pop Bottles

Keep Kool

I’m not a huge bottle collector, but I sometimes come across a bottle I like. Some I have found in the countryside, while digging, in search of treasures and some I have saved after they were empty because they felt special to me. They all have history.

I believe the Keep Kool was found in Newfoundland while visiting one year. The Crush was found while gardening in my backyard a year or so after we moved into our house, the Coca Cola and Fanta were from our honeymoon to the Greece Olympics in 2004.


Greek Coca Cola

Greek Fanta

I love glass bottles for a nice cold drink don’t you. Have you ever noticed how a glass bottle makes a drink that much cooler. Plastic just doesn’t have the same feel. I wonder why that is? Must be the BPA. 🙂 Just joking.

Do you collect old bottles? If so, what are your favorites and why.

Have a great evening,

Love the three ladybugs


3 thoughts on “New and Old Glass Pop Bottles

  1. do you have any info on the keep kool bottle you found? i found one myself and would love to know some history of it.

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