Off to The Nutcracker with 5 year olds

The Nutcracker

I had the honour of seeing the Nutcracker today with one of  my little ladybugs. His class attended the show today with a bunch of other school mates.

It was a lovely show and especially special for us because the little ladybug wants a Nutcracker for Christmas from Santa. Now I know this is an unusual request for a 5 year old boy, however he has his reasons!

Since we found out about his peanut allergy we were to also avoid all nuts. So we did and we did it well. Until just this summer, he was tested to see if there was an allergy to tree nuts. And there wasn’t!!!! Oh happy day!!!!!

We very recently started to buy whole nuts in the shell but no longer had a nutcracker. We borrowed one from family and did we enjoy cracking those nuts. So to get to the point of my story- That is why he wants a nutcracker to celebrate that he can now eat tree nuts. It makes me smile.

Lets hope Santa can provide!! Wink Wink  🙂

Have a great December 2nd,

Love the Three Ladybugs


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