When the Mail Man delivers, he delivers! And a Little Homemade Snowman kit too.

Cutie Patootie 2010

On Friday, I received my ornament from my swap partner, Carrie Marie, for the Dolce Vita: Ornament swap! Thank-you, Micaela for arranging a great swap again this year!

What a lovely package she sent. I feel all warm and fuzzy and spoiled!!!! What a way to infuse a dose of good old-fashioned Christmas spirit! Way to go Carrie Marie!

I was so surprised to see that I got not just one ornament but two, a container of lovely smelling hand sanitizer and two Christmas cards. Carrie Marie you have out done yourself!

The first ornament is a traditional ceramic present style ornament with the date on the front. So very cute. This will look perfect on my traditional Christmas tree, which I hope to put up on Christmas Eve. (I’d put it up earlier, but I have a little tree un-decorator in the house :))

The second ornament is a sweet, I mean SWEET Jube-Jube style candy cane ornament. I L-O-V-E, love it.

Yummy Jube-Jube Candy Cane

Thank-you to my Swap Partner, Carrie Marie.

I’m very happy to have met you and will continue to follow your lovely blog.

Christmas Cheer

One last thing I want so share is a Christmas gift project we are working on for one of the little ladybug’s teachers. Its a Snowman Kit. I was so excited when I found a blog called Make It. This blog is a great resource.

The tutorial pictures actually showed the finished product in use, as well as showing how to make the full kit. I was so inspired when I saw this and needed a handmade gift for ladybug’s teacher so we set to work.

We set out on a trip to our local thrift shop to pick up our supplies, we luckily found everything, minus the hat and rocks. Those will be acquired soon. I hope.

Here is a picture of what we have so far:

Snowman kit project

I worked on the little stitched heart last night, there is one on each end of the scarf. We choose a heart to show our love for snowmen! The nose was from an Easter skipping rope, we cut away the rope and saved that for another project and the buttons were from a very large collection we have in our crafting area! We will be using my Cricut to make a gift tag and will visit the dollar store to find a sweet box to package it all up in. Hope it is enjoyed.

What do you think so far? Do you like it?

Happy Monday from the Three Ladybugs!


5 thoughts on “When the Mail Man delivers, he delivers! And a Little Homemade Snowman kit too.

  1. *bounce* I’m so happy you got the package & enjoyed it!! And the Jube-Jube candy cane looks as great as I’d imagined w/ your tree. Yay! Love the carrot from the jump rope, that’s so neat!!! : )

    Happy December, Lisa! I’m so happy Micaela paired us up! : )

  2. oh my goodness, isn’t carrie marie just the sweetest most thoughtful friend?! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ornies she sent 🙂

    and i was sooo happy lisa to have you again!

    thank you for playing along in my upcoming wens. virtual date 🙂

    ps. i love that you have more than one ornament– i also adooore that “hug me” ornament. i believe hugs can change anyone’s day. 🙂

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