We give a Hoot so don’t Pollute!

Happy Thursday!

Its really quite chilly here today. Its one of those days where you stay huddled up under blankets and wear your best handmade hats, scarves and mittens.

My parsley has unfortunately perished from the cold. Its been hanging on through cool evenings until now. Too bad.  Maybe I’ll soon have to grow some in the Aerogarden, which is currently growing cherry tomatoes.

I wanted to share a picture of a new friend of mine, Mr. Owl. I’ve been told by one of the little ladybugs that he looks sad. I think it is because of Global Warming. I hope he cheers up soon. We have been trying to minimize our Carbon Footprint, that should make him smile.

Mr. Owl says give a Hoot don't Pollute!

The reason for creating him is because my little ladybug’s school is having a sale called,” Trinkets to Treasures”. I love that name, don’t you?

The idea of the sale is for parents to donate new or gently used items to be sold for .25 to 2 dollars. This gives the kids an opportunity to get gifts for family and friends for Christmas. Very lovely idea!

I was pondering what to send in when I decided I should make something. I searched and discovered this website: One Red Robin. The owl pattern was free and looked like something I could pull off. Besides I like Owls, they are cute.

I visited my fabric stash. Gathered the necessary materials and set to work.

Oh the FUN!!!! FUN!!!! FUN!!!

I loved making him. Although, this project created a monster. Help. I might just make more.

Here is a picture of my sewing machine. Yep its an old singer. Most would shy away from using it, but not me. There are no fancy or reverse stitches, but I love how pretty she is. I am hankering for a new sewing machine, though. Maybe Santa will bring one.

My Vintage Singer Sewing Machine

Have a great day.

Love the Three Ladybugs!


One thought on “We give a Hoot so don’t Pollute!

  1. your sewing machine is GORGEOUS! my grammy had a beautiful sewing table – idk what her machine was/is, tho. was, i guess, as i don’t think she sews anymore. ANYWAY, mr owl is adorable, and i love the idea of that sale!

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