How to avoid the Bah Humbugs- 101!

Bah Humbug

Have you ever found that sometimes December can sneak up on you and say Bah Humbug!

Easy is it, to forget to enjoy all the sparkle and glitter. When you get so busy, that your Santa hat starts to stand straight up on your head, its time to rethink and revise your schedule.

Please realize that this can happen to anyone, that you’re not alone and accept that maybe its time to take some “me” time. Do something for you. Take a nature walk, collect some pinecones. Meet up with a like-minded friend for a hot chocolate. Do whatever it is that brings you peace.

We don’t need anyone going CLARK GRISWOLD on us!!!! 🙂 Do we? Read on to discover how I stole some me time today.

While the littlest ladybug unfolded the laundry for me. Err, I mean unfolded the house for me. I decided it was time to experiment with some of the features on my camera which I’ve never used before. I wanted to learn how to use the Aperture settings.

I played with it for a while and came up with some pretty unusual results.

Here are a few pics I took:

Ladybugs Christmas Tree 2010

The silly part about it is, I didn’t write down the settings. That makes these all random shots, but just the same I really love the soft hues. They almost look vintage, but sassy too. Must be the purple. Lets call it Sassy Vintage style.

Here’s another:

More Sassy Vintage

One last pic of an unruley little ladybug, taking down the house while Mama takes me time:

Lettle Ladybug

Have a great day,

Love the Three Ladybugs!


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