We had to take down the tree…

We had to take down our Christmas tree today. The little ladybug was un-decorating the tree as I predicted. The bottom part of the tree had nothing left except one decoration and I’m sure its days were numbered.

My friend Danielle, was nice enough to visit today and volunteered to take part in the un-decorating! Isn’t she awesome.

Thanks, Danielle you were such a huge help. Without you it would have been chaos for sure!

So now that the big tree is packed away, I’m back to enjoying my pink tree again. I really have to admit, it is my favorite right now. I guess because it has my freshly blended ornament swap ornies on it and my new heart ornies.

I had plans of adding some pictures to this post, but for whatever reason WordPress isn’t allowing me to post pictures today. I guess that will have to wait.


Here’s a little joke for you:

What does a cat like to eat on a hot summer’s day?

A mice cream cone!

Taken from a christmas cracker.


Happy Tuesday,

Love the Three Ladybugs


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