Three Countries I would love to visit: Post a day 2011

For the post a day 2011 challenge, I decided to list three countries I’d like to visit someday.

Here they are below:

1. Brazil

Image taken from

When I was in grade school, we were given an assignment to report on one country of the world. I choose Brazil for my report. I’ve always felt a small interest in the country because of this report. I suppose it was the lovely travel brochures I sent away for and received, they were very glossy and colourful pictures of the country.

Did you know that a hummingbird is called a beija-flor, which means flower kisser in Brazil. I found this info on the Lonley Planet web site.

2. Jamaica

Image taken from

I have always been interested in a vacation in Jamaica. I would love for my family to have a one week adventure in Jamaica. The laid-back atmosphere, really appeals to me and I know we all would have a blast. Not to mention Bob Marley.

3. USA- Key West, Florida

Coupon for dolphin research centre

My husband and I took a camping trip to Florida before we were married in 2004. It was an awesome trip and we had a wicked time. We drove all the way from the East Coast of Canada to Key West, Florida. I would love to take the little ladybugs there to visit the beaches and to see the Dolphin Research Centre in the Keys. One of my favourite places. While going there must also must visit Disney!

So there you have it. A very tiny list of wonderful places I’d love to visit.

Happy 2011!

Love the Threeladybugs


3 thoughts on “Three Countries I would love to visit: Post a day 2011

  1. I’ve never been to Key West, but it’s Uncle Gene & Aunt Nancy’s favorite place to vacation! They were there for a month recently -and did several guest posts on my Menu blog! All the food they wrote about made me want to go there, too! : )

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