Nothin’ like a walk on the wild side!

We planned a nature walk for New Years Day and we made it happen! Isn’t that great. We had so much fun. It was a perfectly wonderful day, I think the temperature was something like 5 degrees Celsius. That is quite warm for a January day here.

It was decided we would take a walk on the local Trans Canada Trail.

Trans Canada Trail

Our trail is a lovely area full of woods, marsh and a dyke area. It’s a wonderful area to enjoy songbirds and seabirds alike. Sometimes there are porcupines and coyotes. I’d rather see the porcupines! 🙂 I snapped a few pics for you to enjoy.

Sea Foam

There was a lot of sea-foam. I suppose that was due to the rough waters. I am always fascinated with sea-foam, but it looks prettier than it really is you know. It’s actually kinda gross to touch.

A cool view of the area

Very subdued colours, but lovely just the same.


Finally some colour. Love those foresty greens.

Another water picture

Wide open spaces! Fresh salt air. Close to home. Love it.

My outdoorsy salt marsh guys

Our picnic spot

I made a special ham sandwich for my hubby. It consisted of leftover ham from New Years, a slice of deli ham and our favorite salad dressing, Three Cheese Ranch. I guess the salad dressing did not compliment the smoked ham taste and he didn’t like it. In the pic I think he is actually trying to force a swallow. Poor guy. 🙂

Have a great day,

Love the Three Ladybugs


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