Hi there, How is your Tuesday going? Post a day!

Little Ladybug

Today was supposed to be a totally different type of day. I’m thankful it just didn’t turn out worse.

It was the last day of Christmas Vacation for us and we decided to get groceries, in preparation for school lunches. I also had planned a trip to Pier 1 for myself.

We started off on our journey, and all of a sudden POW, we blew a tire on the highway. We were in the middle lane, but thankfully we got to safety on the side of the highway. My hubby quickly started to change the tire.  A very nice police officer stopped to ask if we needed assistance and waited until we were on our way.

Once the tire was changed, we turned back home and made changes to the plan. No trip to Pier 1, very disappointing to little ol’ me but I’m thankful this trip wasn’t worse!

We took a detour for groceries and now the lunches are packed and everyone is ready for the first day back.


Happy January 3rd, 2011,

Love the Three Ladybugs


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