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A while back, I posted about wanting a Nook Color.

Well, we of course didn’t get a Nook Color because we can’t in Canada. We did however, get a Pandigital novel for Christmas from our family.

A Pandigital Novel is just as good as Nook Color

I was skeptical about this E-Reader, as some reviews I read made it seem not user friendly. I too, felt a bit lost at first, but after spending some time and getting familiar with the novel I am very pleased with it.

Remember I wanted it for reading with the little ladybugs. Instead of stinky old paper books.

Fun for everyone

Well it is great for little ladybugs who are learning to read. There is a feature to highlight words as you are reading. We find this helpful, when there is a word he doesn’t know. We highlight and then sound it out.

He read his first book called, The Big Egg, just the other day! Very exciting.

The E-reader has a Full Colour Touch Screen, Built-in WiFi Connectivity, Email and Web Access, Audio & Video Player, Digital Photo Album, Alarm Clock, Games and more. Just the other day we discovered a stylis hidden in the right bottom side of the novel. This stylis is very helpful for surfing the web.

There is a built-in link to Kobo online bookstore. I have purchased books here and it is quite easy to complete an order.

If you are working with a slow internet connection, searching for books takes quite a long time because of the volume of books available to purchase and this can be irritating. I’m sure this would be the case with any E-Reader on the market, but it must be taken into consideration.

I don’t know what the Nook Color is like so I can’t really compare but this one works for me. Check it out in stores today. I Love it.

Check this out.


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