ConKerr Cancer- A case for smiles

Have you heard about ConKerr Cancer? If you haven’t let me fill you in on this beautiful pillowcase project!

Website: ConKerr Cancer- A case for smiles

A beautiful pillowcase project: ConKerr Cancer

ConKerr Cancer was started by Cindy Kerr in 2002. Here is an excerpt taken from the ConKerr Cancer website:

“ConKerr Cancer started when Cindy Kerr’s son was diagnosed with cancer in 2002 and she began making pillowcases to brighten up his hospital room and to put a smile on his face.  He loved it and so she began making pillowcases for other children on the Oncology Unit at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.”

From that time, the love has spread from volunteer to volunteer to help make the lives of sick children all over the world, a little brighter.

Here’s how you can get involved:

Help by sewing a pillowcase!
How-to-Make A Pillowcase Directions
Where do you send your pillowcase once it’s complete?
Find a ConKerr coordinator near you!
ConKerr Regional Directory

You may need to download Adobe PDF Viewer to view the pillowcase directions. Download Here!

ConKerr Cancer Pillowcases

Now that you are filled in on this wonderful program, won’t you support in anyway that you can. Share this post with friends, visit the ConKerr website, sew a pillowcase, or even donate to the charity if you are unable to sew.  🙂

Website: ConKerr Cancer- A case for smiles

Lots of Love from the Three Ladybugs


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