A friend to treat

I wanted to share a poem I wrote for the oldest little ladybug.

This poem reminds me of summer and we all need to remember the wonderfulness of summer at this time of the year! I couldn’t locate a picture of a scarlet runner or of a hummingbird from my 2010 pictures so I chose this picture because it is from summer.

A summery bee picture

A Friend by Lisa Adams

A scarlet runner is just called that it doesn’t really run

It more so winds,


reaching for help from someone.

In return it offers a slow hug

stretches out elephant ears to forage for the sun.

sends out dainty little red blossoms

upon such a modest green stalk.

So simple and so sweet

A tongue to satisfy

The hummingbird a friend to treat

Oh, how I long to watch a hummingbird sip from a pretty red flower right now. Winter is lovely in its own special way, but summer has my heart 100 %.

I hope you are enjoying your start to the weekend by doing what you love,

Hugs from the Three Ladybugs


2 thoughts on “A friend to treat

    • Thanks Carrie Marie! Yes, we have more snow too. Wednesday coming. I love warm weather, but snow can look pretty!
      Hope you have fun in the snow. You should build a snowman with Layton. ūüôā

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