The Three Ladybugs like to give- Giveaway January 2011

Chai tea

Good Morning,

It’s Saturday and we have a bit of snow happening outside today. The little ladybugs are celebrating about this. So I thought it might be nice for us adults to celebrate as well. So without further adieu, the Three Ladybugs like to play are having a little Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!

The crowd cheers!

Sticking to the “winter needs some spicing up” theme :). We are giving away 6 packets of Stash premium tea samplers. All spicy and ready to warm you through and through!

For your consideration we have:

1 Chai Spice decaf tea

1 Holiday Chai black tea

1 double spice chai black tea

1 premium green tea

1 vanilla chai decaf tea

my fav 1 chai green tea.

6 packets of Stash PREMIUM teas

All you the reader has to do is leave a comment of your best winter moment while enjoying a cup of tea. That sounds pretty reasonable, eh?

Our giveaway is open until Wednesday, January 19. I’ll be choosing two lucky readers to receive 3 packets each. I’ll post the winners on January 20th.

Have a warm Saturday,

Love the Three Ladybugs


5 thoughts on “The Three Ladybugs like to give- Giveaway January 2011

  1. All of my best winter moments have been starting my day with a good strong cup of Irish Breakfast tea and some lemon while checking my email and writing blog posts for my site. I always feel relaxed, refreshed and serene. 🙂

  2. hooray! a giveaway! i do so love chai! 🙂 so far we’ve really only had one big snow, but i happened to have some oh my chai! from tastefully simple on hand, and made a cup one night to warm up after being outside. chai makes me feel all happy & cuddly inside! ❤

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