Snow, My new dinner plates and don’t forget our Giveaway

Happy Sunday everyone.

Don’t forget about our January Stash Tea GIVEAWAY!!!!

Just leave a comment about your best winter moment while enjoying a cup of tea! I’ll be posting my best winter moment while enjoying a cup of tea this week.

Have a cup of tea

Guess what!  Finally the snow is accumulating. So far we have accumulated about 5 – 10 cm. We are currently in a snowfall warning here in our neck of the woods.

Isn’t it amusing, the prediction of 15 cm calls for a snowfall warning. We haven’t had much snow so far this winter, so 15 cm may seem like  lot to some and call for warnings to be posted on behalf of the weather gurus. I just think its silly. 🙂

Regardless, it is a welcome sight for our little ladybugs. We made a fort and snowballs are currently flying as I type. So much fun. The little ladybug was needing a nap so I had to return to the warm and cozy house to put him for a nappy. Hopefully, I’ll get back out later once our suits are dry again.

Yaaaay! Snow!

Yaaaay! Snow!

*****Sorry for the snotty nosed ladybug picture. We’ve been plagued by colds this winter season and this was the best I could find for now.*****

Do you like to get out in the snow and build snowmen and forts? Throw a snowball or two?

Our neighbours who are so much fun get involved too! Cool eh?

Sending a very special thanks to our very cool neighbour who got out today and had some fun with us!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Snowball Monkey from

Look out for this guy! He looks sneaky with that snowball.

One last thing I wanted to share were my new dinner plates.

We were OVER DUE for new ones as our current set is more than 5 yrs old and the glaze is wearing from the edges.

We have well water here and there are mineral deposits staining the plates. Kinda yucky looking, so it was TIME!

Got them at Pier 1 Imports

Tranquil Dinnerware

They look great with my ebony dining table from here.

Dining Table mine is in Ebony


Hope you have a great day.

Love the Three Ladybugs


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