Who loves Chocolate?

Excuse me sir, would you like some pancake with that chocolate?

We love chocolate chip pancakes They are soooo good!!!!!!!!

Homemade is the best and when you add chocolate you’ve got heavenly pancakes.

This may seem odd, but the little ladybugs really love these pancakes :), so I find myself making them quite frequently. Because of this frequency, our hens just can’t keep up with the demand in the winter. So, I have stopped using eggs and make them without. None of us really care, they are still delish.

Here’s how its done:

Three Ladybugs Pancake recipe, Adapted from the “A guide to Good Cooking with Five Roses Flour” 1954

1 1/2  cups white flour with 2 Tbs Wheat Germ added

3 tsp baking powder

3 tbs or more brown sugar

1 tbs olive oil

Milk 1 cup or less

1/4 tsp vanilla (optional)

Chocolate Chips

Mix dry ingredients, add milk. Mix. Add vanilla flavor and oil.  Stir in Chocolate Chips. Fry in hot pan.

Serve with Pancake sauce and enjoy.


Hope you’re having a great weekend!


Love and Chocolate kisses,

The Three Ladybugs.


One thought on “Who loves Chocolate?

  1. I love this recipe!! It is egg free and the milk can be any kind of milk you need!! I’m going to make these for breakfast Wednesday and use some unsweetened original almond milk!!! Thanks!

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