Smiles for free, blanket forts, 3D, ladybug socks and Hello Kitty.

Here's a flower for you

I love big smiles how about you?

Blanket Forts R Fun

I got quite a few smiles when I built this blanket fort for the little ladybug. I think there’s just enough room for three ladybugs, what do you think?

3D Glasses Fun

I can’t stop laughing at this one. Not much to say about it, except 3D Glasses are Fun! 🙂

My superhero ladybug

I don’t know if you know this but, it helps to wear a cape while playing with Lego. Your imagination SOARS!

My Ladybug Socks from Sharon the Sock Lady

I LOVE these beautiful socks I received in the mail from Sharon. They are so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just love the three ladybugs! Thank-you so much Sharon.

Three Ladybugs Like to Play Socks by the Sharon the Sock Lady

A close up. So cute!

Hello Kitty Rag Quilt

Here is a picture of my first finished quilt, a rag quilt. I took a 2 night class to learn how to make a rag quilt and the cost was only $20, not including the cost of fabric. I chose “Hello Kitty” fabric made from flannel and am glad I did because it turned out awesome and is so very warm. I’m actually snuggled up under it right now! 🙂 Cozy.

I finally know how to bind a quilt, so I will now be able to finish the quilt for the little ladybug.

Thanks for stopping by,

The Three Ladybugs


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