Walk off Weight

Walk off Weight in 8

A few weeks ago, I decided to start the Walk off Weight program. This is an 8 week walking program designed to help burn fat. It comes with an MP3 player loaded with walking programs to get you stared. ūüôā The book is a great guide for resistance band exercises and great recipes. The Bannaberry bread recipe is a new family favorite!

I love that this program makes sense to me and that it encourages me to get outdoors and live life! I have connected with this program because I can feel positive changes in my day to day mood and my body. I’m only a couple of weeks into the program and know that this is going to help me reach my goal of removing belly fat and helping me feel good about my physic again. I’m very excited about this program.

Thanks to this program, I’ve now discovered the usefulness of resistance bands. I love that the program encourages the walker to tone using a resistance band while walking. Very advanced!

Hopefully, I’ll be able to shave 20 lbs or more off my body and lower my blood pressure so I will not need to take medication.

Take care and check out Walk off Weight,

The Three Ladybugs


2 thoughts on “Walk off Weight

  1. Hi Lisa. Thanks for getting in touch with me. I love getting new visitors to my blog and best of all is when they leave a comment or message. I’ve bookmarked your blog and will absolutely look at your archived posts. Anyone that’s crafty and loves cooking is of interest to me. Take care.

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