Water Play for Toddlers and other things…

Water Play

My little toddler has been very active lately. He is 18 months old now and I’ve needed to up the ante. So we decided to go to a local play group to have some fun. There were children of many different ages and toys to suit each level of play.

Many of the older children gravitated to a water play area. The organizers of the group, had a plastic tub (with legs on it) partly filled with bubbly, warm water. There were toddler suited colourful water toys inside the tub. My little ladybug loved it! He spent majority of the time playing in the water. 🙂

This prompted me to try it at home. Of course, I had to find appropriate toys from our toy box and I didn’t have a tub with legs on it. I chose a vintage Tupperware Cake Container, filled it with warm water and  toys. The floor was protected with a thick towel and took place in our kitchen. So really the water couldn’t hurt anything! He played for quite a long time and really loved splashing his hands in the water. SUCCESS!!!!

***Note: Never leave a child unsupervised with the water*** I think everyone knows it is dangerous to leave a young child alone with a tub of water had to say it anyway! 🙂

Splish Splash

Mad Science

Playing with his Mad Science homework, this ladybug is enjoying learning about chemistry. Paper molecules are a fun activity for little scientists in the making!

Playing with homemade salt dough

We made homemade salt dough to play with as well. Here’s a few recipes:

The Long Thread makes salt dough for Valentines

Moment to Moment makes salt dough for Dia-de-los-muertos

Add a Pinch makes salt dough for Christmas ornaments

We have chosen not to dry our creations but to reuse the dough for a while. It is easy and cheap to make. And can be composted once we are finished with it. 🙂

Salt dough tasty?

Ever taste Salt Dough?

Have a great day, don’t forget to have fun!

Love the Three Ladybugs!


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