Gardening Fever, I’ve got it.

I’ve got garden fever! I’ve been surfing the web and have some links to share.

I love this quick terrarium. It is simple and looks stunning. Most people probably have the supplies to make it at home!

I love the look of this DIY project

Here’s the link. Give it a try and let me know how it turns out. I don’t have the supplies needed but will be watching at my local thrift stores. I’ll post a pic as soon as I can get what I need!

This is a beautiful indoor greenhouse.

Love this Greenhouse

You can purchase this beauty at Rian Rae.

Here’s a DIY indoor greenhouse.

It's a Shabby chic greenhouse

My orchid would look stunning inside this greenhouse. Don’t know if it could be child safe though…

Here’s the link. I’m wondering if I could find some picture frames to do this one? Possibly. I love how they have nature items displayed around it. Even the cloche with the feather inside looks great.

More Indoor Greenhouse pictures.

Love these ones too

Here’s a project for big and little gardeners.

I need an easy to build kid safe water feature

This project looks great. Here’s the link.

That’s all for today. I’m feeling the garden love!

Love the Three Ladybugs.


One thought on “Gardening Fever, I’ve got it.

  1. Yes, yes, garden fever is at our home too. My goodness, the tomato plants are almost 1 foot tall and it’s about a month before I can plant them outside. He, he, he, I might have tomatoes in the house before then.

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