My new Olive plant

Olea europaea

Say hello to my newest plant, the Olive plant. I found this lovely little darlin’ at my local home hardware store, Kent. (The garden keeper marked the plant down for me as well, which was a bonus: Total price $5.00) There is a huge greenhouse attached to the store that houses many plants throughout each season, including winter. Its a little bit of a refuge for people like me who need to see green in the winter. The greenhouse is home to a lovely little man-made pond with koi and turtles, as well. It is beautiful and the little ladybugs love it.

Back to the Olive plant. Did you see the double leaf? Weird.

Wanted to share another picture from the boardwalk. I noticed a spider exploring off to the left. I love beach rocks. They are very calming to look at. Thought you might enjoy.

Beach stuff

Have a safe and happy Monday.

Love the Three Ladybugs.


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