Beach combing and finding a barrel stave!

Found this barrel stave on the beach 🙂

While at the boardwalk the other day, we found this barrel stave. I fell in love with the colours. I’ve been planning a kitchen repaint and have been looking at various shades of these colours. If I decide to go with these colours, I’ll have to incorporate this in the decorating. 🙂

Weathered posts at the boardwalk

Another picture from the boardwalk. You know I’d love to beach comb on the island you can see in the background. It must be loaded with cool treasures. Sometimes while walking the boardwalk, deer can be seen on that island feeding in the clearing. Very cool location for them to live as it is secluded.

Don't drop anchor

This picture is looking away from the island. There is a sign letting fishing boats know not to drop anchor. The fishing boats travel between the island and the boardwalk area and I believe there are power cables running under the rocks below the water.

Have a great day,

Love the Three Ladybugs


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