Making a train from a box

My little ladybugs love Tinkertoy!!!

Anyone who has children probably knows how much fun Tinkertoy is. My little ladybug had been watching his big brother creating things for quite a while. This picture shows the first time he successfully put together two pieces! Look at how pleased he is with himself!

We also love to play with boxes:

We started out the little boxes

I’ve found that little hands enjoy to play cars with little boxes. We created tunnels and garages for our cars and alot of fun was had. Even Mama Ladybug had fun, she actually even got some housework done in between moments of car play. 🙂

More box fun

We got to the point where we needed to find larger boxes. It just so happened that we had a very long box taking up too much room in the kitchen so Mama Ladybug had to get creative. We decided to make a train.

Adding the steering wheel

You need to be creative and use what you’ve got around the house so we used a becel lid and a wooden spoon for the steering wheel.

Its not all fun and games, is it?

And we all know what happens to the best of us when we want something someone else has. 🙂

Mr. Engineer

Have a great day,

Love the Three Ladybugs


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