Find Pumpkin People you will….

The Incredibles Pumpkin People

If you travel to Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley this autumn, you will find a multitude of things for the whole family to enjoy.

Our favorite sight is by far the Kentville Pumpkin People Festival, with this years theme being focused on Pixar and Dreamworks movies.

We were lucky enough to meet Gerry Little, the mastermind (no pun intended) behind the creative displays. He explained, the creation of the amazing displays starts in early September and continues until each display is complete. It is obvious that much attention to detail goes into each of his creations and as we watched him setup a display, we realized how much work actually went into each work of art.

Gerry Little, Creator of the wonderful displays

Some of our favorites were:




Tow Mater

Lightning McQueen

There are so many more wonderful surprises to discover from Wolfville all the way to Coldbrook. We had so much fun and took full advantage of the many photo opportunities. So should you!

For more information on the Events and Activities during the Valley Pumpkin Fest click Valley Pumpkin Fest website.

Have a great day,

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