The importance of a time out

There are times when we all need a time out. To be removed from a situation. Adults and children…

I read a short article from babycenter the other day, about time outs for 7 year olds. Their advice was to continue using timeouts with your 7 year old child. Even if you are in a less than ideal location, follow through with the timeout. Consistency is key. Here at the Ladybug household, I hope that we do not need to sit on the floor of a grocery store for a timeout. 🙂 I prefer to think that leaving the location and going to the car would be a better fit. Do you still give your 7 year old a timeout and have you done so on location, such as at a store?

As parents we need time outs as well. But not in the same sense as children do. Right! We need moments filled with time for ourselves. Where we build friendships, hobbies, self esteem, confidence and what ever else makes us happy.

My time out is when I run. I am not only cultivating a healthy lifestyle and setting a good example for my children but I am becoming a better me, one who is happier and stronger.
When I snapped the picture below, I felt the scene had a tranquil atmosphere and a story to tell.

Was it the story of a boat owner whose sanctuary is out on the water. Or a boat charter sharing the experience of being on the water. Regardless, the name of this particular vessel was well thought out and makes for a lovely picture.

What is your Timeout style? Let us know in a comment…

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