A visit from the Black capped chickadee and Dolce Vita ornament swap

Good Morning Friday, it’s so nice to have you back again. It’s also nice to see this little chickadee again. I recently setup our winter bird feeders again.

Don’t you agree that its nice to fill your backyard with the sounds of chattering birds when everything seems dull from winters chill?

A recycled metal frame from an old sunshade/gazebo acts as a bird feeder hanging post. And it works wonderfully thinks the Chickadees, Blue Jays, Grackle, American Goldfinch, and Phesants (both male and female). We also have had Squirrel, Raccoon(Yuck) and Chickens. Fun!!!

Speaking of winters chill, Isn’t December is getting closer?

What better way to celebrate the holiday season with an Ornament Swap. I’m participating in Micaela’s, Dolce Vita Ornament Swap.

Its been a part of our Christmas for the last 4 years I think. Wow!

Happy Ornament Swapping

I’m so pleased to have my swap partner, Kelly’s information in hand now. So I must get busy as she located on the other side of Canada. So exciting!!!

Have a great day!

Three Ladybugs Like to Play


One thought on “A visit from the Black capped chickadee and Dolce Vita ornament swap

  1. HELLO Lisa!!!
    How are you!! I am so excited to swap ornaments with you!
    I had a quick look at your blog yesterday and I think we have quite a bit in common. When I saw your button for quilts I made, I had to giggle because I have been quilting for years off and on, and I am planning to do 3 quilts this christmas – they are very simple ones! thank goodness as I am running out of time!!

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