Santa Cane Matcha Green Tea…. Mmm


After discovering Matcha Green Tea, I ordered some online from David’s Teas. I’ve been drinking green tea occasionally for a few years now and wanted to try Matcha because of its reputed health value. I was surprised to see that it really is bright green and has such a strong green tea scent. It’s so pretty!

Now that I have Matcha Green Tea, I have been looking for some tasty ways to use it . There are many recipes around the web for smoothies, cookies, ice cream and more. This made me want to try creating an original way to use it too.

This recipe is called Santa Cane Matcha Green Tea. It’s a very simple way to add some festive warmth to your Matcha tea.


Santa Cane Matcha Green Tea

Hot (not boiling) water

1 tsp Matcha Green tea powder

peppermint candy cane


Davids tea

Prepare enough hot water to fill your favorite tea drinking cup.

Add 1 tsp of Matcha Green tea powder and whisk into hot water. Try to whisk away any lumps.


Whisk the tea

Add the peppermint candy cane and swirl around in tea. It will slowly dissolve into the tea, adding a pepperminty delishy flavor. Add honey to taste.

The finished product was a slightly peppermint flavored green tea that was simple to make and festive too!

December 12, 2012 117

Happy December!

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