Come on over… Homemade bread’s in the oven.

Homemade bread has been on my to-do list, for a few months now. Mom`s homemade bread has always been my childhood favorite and lately Mom has been delivering surprise loaves for us to devour. You can imagine how quickly a house full of ladybugs can polish off a loaf of warm, yummy bread. 🙂 So Homemade bread was added to the list.

Well tonight`s bread baking was unplanned, I was perusing the blog PILLOWS A-LA-MODE, enjoying the latest post and decided to leave a comment.

Picture belongs to PILLOWS-A-LA-MODE

After leaving my comment, I took a look at the blogs of commenters and found Miss Marzipan.

Miss Marzipan, a DIY blog, was discussing the Versatile Blogger Award and nominated 12 other blogs for the award. This lead me to Green Door Hospitality blog and the Basic White Bread recipe which I had to try right away! Thanks to Green Door Hospitality, I found an easy recipe and baked Homemade bread once the little ladybugs were in bed!

I changed the recipe slightly. Used Quick yeast instead of regular, honey instead of sugar and margarine rather than butter.

The result was two loves of warm delicious bread.

How about a slice while it`s still warm. And a cupcake on the side. 🙂

Have a great New Year`s Eve,

Three Ladybugs Like to Play


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