Water Drop photo fun

After I got my macro lens, I decided to experiment with taking pictures of water drops. So in my kitchen sink, I set up a bowl and started the tap running with a drip, drip, drip speed.

With my new lens, I started snapping pictures and soon discovered food coloring and a flash were going to be necessary. So I colored the water to provide some contrast and used the flash to freeze the water while in motion. This worked for me.

I took quite a few shots and was happy with only just a handful, but it sure was fun to freeze water in motion; to see each droplet as it was falling. These pictures give a glimpse into another world one that changes with every click. How fascinating it is.

I love seeing even the smallest of drops falling.

No tripod needed, just made sure to use the flash or there would not have been enough light to capture these shots clearly.

I hope you enjoyed the results of my little experiment, and are inspired to give it a try for yourself.

Have a great evening,

Three Ladybugs Like to Play


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