Learning to knit and your 2013 Bucket List !!!

It’s 2013.

The new year has arrived and you’ve likely compiled a new list of goals for the year.Your Bucket List.

So you’ve put lots of thought into each line of this precious list and its time to get started on it. Hopefully, you’ve added a few hobbies as they are so much fun to discover!

Today, we are going to discover Knitting.

Knitting is fun and useful. And if your first sweater project turns out funny, just call it a Thnead.

“So this was it. You take a wrong step and you end up wearing yesterday’s underwear, sitting on the carpet trying to teach yourself how to knit. And even that doesn’t work. She never expected it to be so hard. Life.”
Kate Jacobs, The Friday Night Knitting Club

When starting do not despair, there are a good many resources out there! Take a look at a few of the links below.

1. Knitting: Knitting Tools and Materials– Martha Stewart shares info on knitting tools

2. Starting Knitting? What Tools you Need?–  Information on Tools needed for knitting

3. How to Knit- The Basics – Great You Tube video showing techniques in repeat

4. Hook and Needles Blog –Videos for different techniques

5. Learn to Knit: Lion Brand Yarn – Lots of resources including patterns once you are “Hooked”

6. .Ravelry– A knit and crochet community

7. Learn to Knit

8. Learn to Knit with Knit Lab: Projects, Patterns and Techniques– Payment required for these resources

9. How to Pick up a Dropped Stitch in Knitting for Dummies – Thanks to Knitting for Dummies for saving the day!

There are also a great number of books as resources. This is the book I have, 10-20-30 Minutes to Learn to Knit by Leisure Arts is a great book.

This is my first knitted dishcloth. I followed the instructions on Page 22 of the above book. It turned out quite well and was a great beginners project 🙂

Now I’m hooked!!!

Check back tomorrow, when I show you the fun of Sashay Yarn. Yes, I used Red Heart Sashay Yarn.

Love ,

Three Ladybugs Like to Play


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