Getting wrapped up in Red Heart Sashay yarn

My first successful knitting project was with Sashay Yarn. So colourful and interesting in texture, who can avoid this sweet indulgence?

The texture of this yarn as it is smoothed out is like mesh. It has the appearance of crocheted fabric.

I chose to knit a scarf like this one, well actually a few scarves like this one. They say once you start knitting Sashay Scarves you cannot stop. Almost true.  ♥

Photo credit Red Heart

Here’s the link to a pattern for this very colourful scarf.

My favorite knitting needles are so slippery when using with sashay yarn. I love that they are purple but not that I easily drop stitches.

Here’s some advice for knitting with Sashay yarn.

1. Save yourself an extra trip. Buy many skeins of this yarn as you definitely will need more!

2. Use online resources, the pattern on the skein will result in unnecessary hair pulling and greying.

3. Non-slip knitting needles such as bamboo help prevent dropping stitches along the way.

4. Learn to pick up stitches before beginning your Sashay scarf.

5. Untwist your yarn as you work. I found that this yarn easily became twisted.

Here are a few Sashay yarn links I especially liked.

1. Knit in Your Sleep Blog

2. How to knit a Ruffle Scarf

3. Boutique Sashay Yarn You tube

4. How to knit Red Heart Sashay Scarves

Thanks for stopping by today! Happy Knitting.

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