Shades of green, a happy jar and easy peasey dogs.

I’ve heard that Emerald is the colour of 2013. It’s so nice to see any shade of green at this time of the year. I really start to crave anything green. I noticed some shades of green around the house. They made me feel happy and remind me of summery days.

My happy jar. It’s where I place sea glass finds, any little treasures really. When I feel like I need a change, I just give it a shake. With the lid on of course!


This baby sea urchin is very delicate so it has a special home on a shelf. I found this at a beach near my home and have managed to keep it away from little fingers.


Found this and thought it was interesting with the hole in it. Might make a necklace from it, someday. ūüôā

This was a lunch treat my mom surprised the little ladybugs with. Thanks, Mom! I tried a bite and it was very tasty, even though I do not eat hot dogs. The hot dogs were rolled in a slice of bread slathered in honey, ketchup and onion and baked in the oven. I guess it was Easy Peasey!!!!

We all have colds here, so this week has been very sleepy so far, with little ladybugs up throughout the night. Looking forward to healthy days again soon.


Three Ladybugs


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