A winter postcard, “Wish you were here”…

Wow, it’s Monday. How did that happen? Hoping everyone had a moment to do something fun this past weekend. I mostly played catch-up after all of the sickness we’ve had here. But it sure is good to make progress!

I wanted to share with you a new music player I added in the right sidebar. It is from SoundCloud. You can select what type of music you want to showcase and it is embedded in the blog. You do have to press play to make it work but I like it because I can listen to the music while I type and it is free for everyone. Check it out.

I’ve got a couple of pictures to share with you today.

This picture is of water droplets that froze on some leaves in my garden. They were reflecting light and looked pretty so I thought to share them. ♥

We were having fun with this picture. While Daddy was away we snapped this shot of the little ladybug in the snow. Daddy was in Florida, so I thought it was a fun “postcard” to send him. 🙂

Say hello to my new meat thermometer. I’ve never had a digital thermometer and really like the settings that will let me know if my food is ready. This model is not wireless, as I’m constantly out of batteries, I didn’t think wireless was a good idea.

Do you use a meat thermometer in your kitchen. What kind do you use? Leave me a comment, I’d love to know what works well.

All day in the green, sunny orchard,

When May was a marvel of bloom,

I followed the busy bee-lovers

Down paths that were sweet with perfume.

Margaret E. Sangster- Apple Blossoms

This was a picture from early summer 2012.  I’m remembering the flowers, they were so colourful.


Three Ladybugs Like to Play


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