Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

As stay at home mom, most of my outdoor excursions are accompanied by one or two little ladybugs. But occasionally, I do manage to find myself alone (tee hee) insert huge happy face. I usually go for a run sporting my camera in backpack.

On the day I snapped this shot, I was out for a run and decided to finish with a walk on our local boardwalk. Boy it was cold that day!

We had just had a long spell of very cold temperatures and then a storm. The results were so unusual that I knew I wanted to share.

What you see here is a tidal area with ice build up along the shoreline of the beach. I love how the water froze and cracked to form such a decorative outline of the shore. 🙂

Hope you enjoy,

Three Ladybugs Like to Play


2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

  1. I’m a fairly new runner and running in winter is still new to me but I’ve been wearing regular sneakers when I run outdoors. I usually stick to areas that are cleared. I worry about icy spots for sure! I have to say that winter running makes me feel very alive.

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