Birthday Cake in a Mug

Today is Mom’s birthday. Happy Birthday Mom.

I made Cake in a Mug using the Home Made Simple Mug Cake Recipes to celebrate. I set to work to make 4 Vanilla Mug Cakes.

What I Like about the recipe

I like that this recipe uses small quantities of ingredients and makes only 4 servings. No tempting left overs! Also great is that each serving is baked in the microwave for less than 3 minutes.

What I changed

I made two changes to the recipe. Using 2% Milk rather than whole and apple sauce instead of oil.

The Results

The resulting cakes were a bit spongy. Probably due to the changes I made. This was of no consequence, as they still were fun and boy they were tasty.

Happy Valentine’s Day,

Three Ladybugs Like to Play


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