Exploring fruit challenge: The Granadilla

I started a little exploring fruit challenge with my boys recently.

We decided to select a new fruit when we visit our local grocery store. I thought it could be a great way to broaden their knowledge of fruit and help them discover new favorites.

Our first fruit was the Granadilla.

Feb 15, 2013 107

The Granadilla

The Granadilla is a tasty orange fruit with a flexible shell. Inside the shell, black seeds coated in a thick clear jelly are surrounded by a white pulp. The seeds have a sweet flavor and an interesting crunchy texture that is quite likeable.

I’ve discovered that the Granadilla is a subtropical fruit from the passion fruit family. It grows on vines and is native to South America.


We really enjoyed The Granadilla and although it was $3.50 CDN for one fruit, it has definitely been added to our list of favorites.

How about growing The Granadilla at home?

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