Sew Me, Love Me and scroll to see a blooming flower picture…

Recently, we made a trip to our favorite library to find some great reads. This particular library is fairly new and now that the youngest ladybug is getting older, it’s getting easier to explore all areas of the library not just the kids section. To my delight, I finally discovered where the crafting books are located. I’ve been wondering for quite some time. 🙂

On our last visit, we attended a Lego Block Party and I swooped into the crafting section and found Sew Me, Love Me: Best Stuffed Friends to Make by Hsiu-Lan Kuei. This is a great book with patterns and instructions on how to make softies from socks and vintage fabrics.

Here’s a link from Sew Me, Love Me .

What’s great about this book are the easy projects to begin with and the more complicated projects at the end once you’ve completed a few critters and built on your softie making skills.

I chose to start with Bedtime Bear on Page 40. I had a pair of new black socks to use and lots of fabric to make clothing. So I set to work creating a bear using my sewing machine and a my hands. I have to admit, I expected Bedtime Bear to turn out a bit better, but the Itt’le ladybug is quite smitten with him and he has named it “Softie Bear”. I think Softie needs something on his head and a redo on his mouth. I am happy with the body and legs. Wishing I had made his arms a little longer. But again Itt’le ladybug is happy with Softie Bear!

I shall continue to work my way thought this fun book. May make a frog next.

Another great book I borrowed from the library is the Handmade Home: Simple Ways to Repurpose Old Materials Into New Family Treasures by Amanda Blake Soule.

Here’s a link to find Handmade Home on Amazon.

I love this book. The projects are great for anyone wanting to involve children in their sewing projects. Incorporating their artwork in a sewing project will make them feel so special. I also liked that the projects are rated beginner, intermediate, etc… Just wish there were more beginner projects, as I still call myself a beginner.

I’m loving the rag rug project. I have always been interested in the coiled rag rugs, have even bought a heart shaped one, I love it! Now I am inspired to make one myself. 🙂

My first project was a Rag Bag. Page 51 of the book. I didn’t add the drawstring or the fabric balls on the bottom just kept the bag simple and embellished it with a heart. I like the simplicity of this bag and have been using it for paper scraps. 🙂

So many great projects in this book. What to do next. Wish I could make some extra time in the day. 🙂

I’ll leave you with a picture of some tulips that are blooming in a pot on our mantle!

These tulips were courtesy of Halifax Seed. Thank-you to the lovely person who gave a pot of them to my little ladybug! They are beautiful.

Have a lovely Tuesday,

Three Ladybugs Play


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