Random pictures…

Mostly, there were signs of spring showing  on this 27th day of February.

The sap was drip, drip, dripping from our Maple tree. Slowly. Buds becoming fuzzy on fruit trees and day bright and sunny.

I was lucky enough to get out for my first outdoor run in a long time today! I’m currently training for a 10km run in April, so it’s nice that spring is on its way. I really prefer my scenic by the ocean route compared to the treadmill. But the treadmill is pretty great to have on a very wintry day!!! Am i right

This last picture is of a birthday greeting I did and I just loved the way this photo turned out. I used my cell phone and a camera app which emulates a few different cameras. Fun!

Happy Wednesday,

Three Ladybugs Play


2 thoughts on “Random pictures…

  1. These are all wonderful — I especially love the duck birthday picture! My husband have a big rubber duck inside joke thing (even had two rubber ducks on our wedding alter). I will have to remember this as something to do for him sometime!

  2. Kenley, so glad you liked my pictures!, I have so much fun doing birthday greetings with my giant rubber ducks. I just love seeing them on people’s lawns. 🙂 P.S. I bet your wedding looked so cute with the ducks!

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