Discovery: A list and the Storytelling Jar

A while back, I discovered a list of brain building activities for my kids and saved it on my desktop. This list is golden.

I’ve heard that children watch too much television and do get enough real life play time. I agree.

Here’s the list:

1. Pretend or dramatic play
2. Storytelling
3. Obstacle course
4. Using a timer
5. Simon Says
6. I Spy…
7. Making cookies
8. Feely bag
9. Concentration
10. Painting and colouring

This list has been camping out in the back of my mind.

I remember my childhood and how as a kid I really loved #3. In elementary school, we sometimes had obstacle courses in gym class. I lived for those days! And #1 was pretty much a given with my cousin’s. We always played make-believe and acted out little themes. Yea, I watched some television but I had lots of free play, as well. Until we got our first computer, the Vic 20, there were No video games. 🙂

So when I discovered this craft feature on The Storytelling Jar, I jumped at the opportunity to get started on #2.

I searched my kitchen for a plastic jar and set to work with the little ladybug. We gathered felt, paper, thread and the tools we needed.

And created our version of the Storytelling Jar. I knew I had hit the jackpot when the little ladybug gave me a world-famous hug and told me he loved me, as we were working on this craft. Wow.

I was surprised that stories did come out this storytelling jar and those beautiful boys shared with me their joy and imagination. Precious and Priceless!

I have the book, Show me a story, on hold at our library. The Storytelling Jar originates in this book and there are a total of 40 projects related to storytelling that I can’t wait to experience with my boys.

Have a great Thursday,

Three Ladybugs Play


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