Exploring Fruit Challenge: The Jamaican Tangelo

The Jamaican Tangelo,  is the next fruit in our Exploring Fruit Challenge. If you are unfamiliar with our Fruit Challenge, visit this link to see how it began.

Jamacian Tangelo Collage

The Jamaican Tangelo

This citrus fruit, which is also known as the Ugli Fruit is grown in Jamaica. It is said that this tasty fruit is a combination of the Seville orange, the grapefruit and the tangerine. It is easy to peel, quite large in size (slightly bigger than a grapefruit) and green or orange in colour. I read that it is ready to eat from the store, no need to wait for it to turn orange.

The flavor was unique, tart and sweet. At first I was unsure if I really liked the flavor and after eating more it grew on me. I will say, that I prefer oranges but this was a super cool treat from a really cool destination.

Perhaps this fruit would be interesting to add to a smoothie. Should try it soon.

Visit Ugli Fruit recipes page for some unique ways to use the Jamaican Tangelo in the kitchen.

Thanks for stopping by for our Exploring Fruit Challenge!

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