Table Redo: It’s all butterflies from here…

So I recently bought a bottle of Modge Podge for crafting with the kids. I haven’t ever tried Modge Podge before. EVER.

Remember the Show me a Story book we borrowed from the library? Well it suggested Modge Podge for some of the crafts. So I broke down and spent $7.00 dollars on a bottle of what I thought was glorified glue. Brought it home and thought now what… Kids project…

NO! After searching the house high and low I made up my mind what I wanted to do.

A Mom project.

Not one from the book, like I had planed but got myself knee-deep in a Table Redo.

Yikes. What was I thinking?

After I pulled out scrapbook paper, some vintage books, a few tools and a bottle of Whiskey (nope just joking), I was well on my way to a new and improved table. But it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

Did you know that it takes quite a bit of time to rip book pages and Modge Podge them around the legs of a table? I was surprised how long it took. I just knew I couldn’t stop until the legs didn’t have little edges of book pages sticking up everywhere. I wanted my table legs to be smooth. I guess it took me a day for sure. But I’m very pleased with the results of my 1st Modge Podge project.

Take a look at some pictures that make it actually look all organized and stuff. 🙂 Wink. Wink.

Here’s the table I started with:

March 24, 2013 222

Here’s what I ended up with:

March 24, 2013 329

A collage of my project


Thanks for stopping by today!

Three Ladybugs Play,



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