Focused on summer

Lately, I’ve been needing to remind myself that summer is just around the corner. This spring has been quite chilly and our gardens are just starting to show signs of  life. There are finally buds on our fruit trees and spring flowers showing their pretty little faces.

Preparations have been underway here to improve our garden for the bees and butterflies, our very important pollinators. Dividing perennials and planting a few annuals to enhance our yard. We have been learning much about Honey bees and how to keep them in a backyard hive. There have been workshops to learn from and even a one day Bee School!

At Bee School, we learned what equipment is used to work with honeybees, what their hives consist of and how to help keep them happy and healthy. There was even a honey tasting event, where we sampled flavoured honey and such. It was the so interesting to taste flavors of honey from different locations around the world.

If you are interested in keeping bees it is a great idea to start reading:

Backyard Bee Keeping


Types of Honey bees

Don’t forget to join a beekeeping group, It’s great to be able to share knowledge and gain from the experiences of others.

Interesting Tidbit:

I have read that buying and using local honey from beekeepers in your area may help with symptoms of hay fever! This is good news for allergy sufferers.

Have a great day,

Three Ladybugs Play


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