A Picnic in the Past: George’s Island: Part 1

It was a Saturday unlike any other in Nova Scotia. Beautiful sunshine and the promise of a perfect summer day. With temperatures into the 40’s with the help of high humidity, we decided to take a trip to George’s Island for the day.


Picnic in the Past,  gave us the opportunity to picnic on local food, take a guided tour of underground tunnels, and learn about Halifax in 1812, all on a very unique National Historic Site situated right in the middle of the Halifax Harbour! This event was produced by Sports & Entertainment Atlantic in partnership with Select Nova Scotia and Parks Canada on July 20 and 21st, 2013.

We arrived at the Halifax waterfront ready to depart to the nearby island. It was surprising to see how many people were waiting ahead of us. Our tickets were for the 12 noon departure on the Harbour Queen.


We spent a HOT 1 1/2 hrs standing in line. Our 12 noon departure time was long gone. Luckily, we were given bottles of cold water to keep cool. There were a few people who thought to bring umbrellas to shade themselves, we were wishing we had done the same.

A smaller boat was brought in to help with the large demand of people. Our boat held about 40 people. It was smaller but quicker and we were so happy to be out on the water. Here’s the view from the boat.


I had one happy boy once we were on our way.

happy boy

And one deep in thought.


When we reached the island we were so excited. It was pretty hot and people were lined up waiting to leave as we walked off the boat. There were a few tents set up for information and food. Our friends who came with us, needed to collect their pre-ordered picnic food from local retailers. So we all trudged up the hill to the picnic tent.

We scouted out the hot food tent while they were waiting for their food. We needed to find out if the Jimmie Dogs were peanut-free?”

From experience, I know if I get a confident answer, I know it’s probably correct. If I get a long pause, I can assume they really aren’t sure. The person I inquired with was very helpful and said he was not sure and suggested I inquire at the Select Nova Scotia tent. At the Select Nova Scotia tent, a phone call was made to make sure the Jimmie Dog was peanut free. And it was!!!

That made Mr. 8 Yr old’s day.

Part 2 to follow soon!

Have a lovely day,

Three Ladybugs Like to Play


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