The Blue Morpho Butterfly in Newfoundland

The Blue Morpho Butterfly

While in Newfoundland we visited the Newfoundland Insectarium. The Insectarium is one of our favorite places to visit each summer. We love seeing all of the brightly coloured  butterflies. If it is not already on your to do list, while traveling in Newfoundland, it should be!

We discovered this butterfly which is called the Blue Morpho. The outside of the wings are a brown colour with markings that look like eyes. (Protection against predators) A very challenging insect to catch sitting still, it was constantly in motion but eventually landed on a leaf. I was ready with camera.

Just so you know, I was not leaving Newfoundland without this picture 🙂 LOL

Have a great Wednesday. Happy Anniversary to my husband, 9 years today! Love U!


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