Imaginative Play in the forest


We have been loving nature walks in the forest this September. Especially because we have been seeing mushrooms EVERYWHERE! It is a fun activity for us to get our National Audubon Society: Field Guide to Mushrooms out and identify our finds. We won’t be sampling what we find, as we’re not experts. But we will be taking lots of photos.

I’ve learned that kids have a natural ability to find mushrooms. They are able to quickly maneuver low lying branches of a Post Hurricane Juan forest, to get to mushrooms they have spotted. As for me, I find crawling on my hands and knees to get to where they are not as easy. 🙂

Today, I wanted to change up our nature walk a little and appeal to their imaginative minds. My plan was to find squirrel holes under trees and decorate them with props for photos.

First we created miniature sign props for our squirrel holes.




Then we headed to the forest to find squirrel holes to decorate and photograph. Laugh, if you will, It was fun being a kid again. I loved how we were all excited at finding a perfect location to use our signs. We had so much fun! We had so much fun we are still coming up with ideas for signs and creating more.

Here are a few unedited photos:

Have a great day!


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