Nova Scotia in Autumn

This weekend’s adventures in Nova Scotia brought us outside to enjoy fresh air and sun. It was a feast for the senses. Yay!!!

We traveled to Truro, Nova Scotia to do our exploring. All of our activities involved good old fashioned fun, all free of charge.

Some of the highlights were:

Climbing up the side of a large hill to check out a train trestle. Once at the top and on the tracks we started to cross the trestle.  There were stairs on the other side, but as we were walking we thought we could hear a train in the distance and so we quickly doubled back to go back down the hill. It was a little scary but totally worth it. We did find a very cool nail from the railway. We are wondering if the tracks are still used today?

We also saw a very cool water tunnel that was below the train trestle. The tunnel was formed in sand stone and was decorated with graffiti. We wondered if it was formed by nature or created by man. We hope to check it out again in the summer with tubes to float down the river. Awesome!!!!

We also discovered many beautiful fields of red. The fields were blueberry fields and it was shocking to see how red the leaves had turned. I love Nova Scotia in Autumn. Don’t you?

Check out a few of our pictures:



2 thoughts on “Nova Scotia in Autumn

  1. Awesome pictures Lisa. I will always remember you obsession with cameras many years ago. I also have to apologize for making fun of your zucchini chocolate cake way back when. I didn’t get you were trying to make an awesome treat more “wholesome”
    All that is missing now are sparkles!!! Everywhere!!!

    Ps. I actually DESPISE sparkles now as when my Leala plays with them I find them everywhere for days… Weeks… Months!!!

    • Diep & Sparkles 🙂 I bet Leala has so much fun with them, too. You know I’m still totally obsessed with picture taking if not more.. Grin 🙂 No worries about that cake. I’m on to Pumpkins now. We grew quite a few in our garden this year. Trying to get creative. So good to hear from you. Hugs.

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